Code Climate

*Make your code NOT suck!* I love the idea of automated code reviews! It makes the development process much faster and allows the engineer to focus more on the business logic. Which is where his attention should be focused. Of the few automated code reviews tools I’ve used my favorite is Code Climate. There is only one problem I have with Code Climate and that is it’s pricing structure. It is definitely going after the development team or enterprise team audience.

Different Programming Mode

Programming is more than just writing code Many people, including developers, believe that the activity of programming is just writing code. They are either ignorant because they don’t develop or do not pay attention while they develop. Programming can be divided into a few activities that have very different mind-sets and this isn’t just my experience it also accords with Martin Fowler. The most popular activity is adding new features. It is the one that most people relate to as the only activity of software development.

Building a PHAR for a PHP project

Building a PHAR for a PHP project! Some in the PHP community have said the PHP developers have too much Java envy. I am not exactly sure what they mean. As long as PHP adopts good practices from Java development I am all for it! One of the practices that I am glad that is now in PHP is the single PHAR archive for PHP applications.

Semantic Versioning

We should all be using Semantic Versioning: During this November I attended the PHP[WORLD] 2014 conference in Washington, D.C. To say that it was a beneficial conference would be an understatement. It seemed that valuable information was being shared at every corner. One of those gems is semantic versioning. This topic came up during a session on how to use PHP Composer by Rafael Dohms. Semantic versioning uses the familiar format xx.