Personal CDN for Free

Use Google Apps for a free personal CDN.

Use Google Apps for a free personal CDN:

So with some personal branding on a few websites it became apparent that my life would be much simpler if I had a personal CDN to store and share common files. After a little bit of research some CDN providers it became obvious that there are not many simple or FREE personal CDN solutions out there. So I googled “personal cdn” and the first link was magical! A simple posting by Brandon Brown explained how the Google App Engine can be used for your very own personal CDN. You can read his blog post but here I will describe the process I went through.

After following Brandon’s advice in the app.yaml file I added a files/ and img/ directory as well as and index .html if someone actually hits So now the configuration file looks like this:

version: 1
api_version: 1
threadsafe: true
runtime: python27

- url: /css
static_dir: css
mime_type: text/css

- url: /js
static_dir: js
mime_type: text/javascript

- url: /img
static_dir: img

- url: /files
static_dir: files

- url: /.*
static_files: index.html
upload: index.html

It took me about one hour to setup and configure Google Apps as a personal CDN. So now I use this personal CDN for static content on a couple of personal websites as well as fonts and images for my various email signatures.